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Help (F.A.Q)

Is registration really free?

Yes, it really is!

What do I need in order to view the Video?

You don't need anything other than your iPhone/Android phone to watch and text chat with the Chathosts on our service!

Is two-way video possible?

The CamtoCam (two-way video) function is not currently supported, however, we will offer product updates in the future.

Can I hear sound?

The current product does not support sound, however, we will offer product updates in the future.

Is my personal information safe with you? Who do you share it with?

Yes, the information you provide to us is immediately encrypted and kept strictly confidential. It will not be given, sold or shared with any outside organization.

I joined your Internet site a while ago. Why doesn't my account still work?

Most likely, you entered incorrect or incomplete information upon registering. Please just contact us, specifying your Screen Name plus full name and address, and we'll help in a matter of minutes!

Contact Us

I registered but can't enter Videochat

It's most likely due to the fact that you are out of credit or there is a problem with your credit card (expired, invalid, etc). You can always add another credit card by visiting the Member Area or resolve the issue with your current card (please check out credit card related FAQ). Either way, this should only take a few moments. In all other cases, or if you need any assistance, please contact us and we'll resolve this matter as quickly as possible!

Contact Us

I have an existing account on CamContacts. Does my regular log in work on the mobile product or do I have to set up a new account?

If you have an existing account in good standing on CamContacts, you are good to go on our mobile service! If we detect that you are coming to from an iPhone/Android phone, you will be automatically redirected to a specially optimized site, where pay-per-minute billing works just as it does currently on There's no need to register again or create a new Screen Name! You can also visit

I forgot my password and/or Screen Name

Don't worry, we're here to help! Please contact us indicating your full name, address, email and registration date, if possible.

Contact Us

How can I change my password?

Please visit the Member Area section or contact us and we'll help you.

Contact Us

My account is inactive (or closed at user request). I want it back!

Please contact us to reactivate your account. Once we authenticate your request, your account will be ready for use again.

Contact Us

My account won't allow me to use any services. What's the problem?

Most likely, the problem is related to your credit card, an outstanding balance or failed payments. Please contact us, and we will investigate the problem and work with you on a solution.

Contact Us

How do I change my account details?

Some details, such as your password or credit card used for billing can be changed on the Member Area section. For all other changes, please email our 24/7 Customer Support and we'll help you right away!

Customer Support

Are videos free or chargeable?

There are both free and chargeable rooms available :-). The Chathost decides if she/he charges for Videochat and if so, how much. Chathosts at CamContacts are independent contractors and we have no control over their charging policies.

If the video is free, you will see a free icon on the video chat button on the Chathost's profile page. If it is a chargeable session, after you hit the video chat button, you will first be presented with a confirm charges screen that shows how much that Chathost charges per minute and also shows how much credit you have remaining. If you need to buy more credit, simply hit the "buy more credit" button on the confirm charges screen, which takes you to the payment section where you can add more credit to your account.

How do I get billed and what do I pay for?

Most parts of the service are free of charge. The only action that will create a fee is entering a chargeable video session. Before entering video, you will first be presented with a confirm charges screen that shows how much that Chathost charges per minute and also shows how much credit you have remaining. If you need to buy more credit, simply hit the "buy more credit" button on the confirm charges screen, which takes you to the payment section where you can add more credit to your account. Your credit card (VISA and MASTERCARD only) will be billed for whatever amount of credit you choose.

Is my personal information secure?

All of your personal information is encrypted, using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption which means it cannot be accessed or read by any unauthorized party.

Can I check my spending? Do I get a statement?

Yes, you can always access the billing history of your account by visiting the Member Area. From there choose:

  • Session Details for a list of your video sessions or
  • Payment History for a list of credit card charges

Additionally, every time a payment is collected you will receive the charge details at your registered email address.

I've got a failed payment on my account. What now?

Please ensure that sufficient funds are available on the card and then contact our Customer Support. We will submit the payment for processing again and will let you know of the results. It should take only a few minutes!

Customer Support

Can I update my credit card if it's expired?

If your card is expired just go to the Member Area and select Payments, then re-enter your credit card data with the new expiration date.

Who do I contact if I would like to discuss my bill?

Our Customer Support is available 24/7 to help you. We guarantee a reply within 24 hours, but most inquiries are processed within just 20-40 minutes. Don't hesitate to drop us a line whenever you have a question or need any help :-)

Customer Support

I received more than one Billing Confirmation for the same amount. Why?

You might get the impression that you have been charged more than once for the same session, but it is more likely that you bought several blocks of credit in the same amount at different times. You can always check your payment history in the Member Area. Just click on History and then Purchase History.

Can I use a debit or check card to watch chargeable videos?

Most debit and check cards with the Visa and MasterCard logos should work fine. Please ensure that your card allows making purchases over the Internet.

I got a credit card failed notice.

Following are the most frequent reasons why a card might be not honored:

  • There are insufficient funds on your account
  • The name 'CC Network', used by our billing processors, may seem new for your spending history
  • Your card is not permitted for use on the Internet
  • Your card is restricted for a certain number of transactions/Internet transactions
  • When registering your card, you've entered an incorrect CVV code or expiration date

All this can be easily solved by following these 2 simple steps:

  1. Contact your bank and give them approval for CC Network transactions (make sure none of the restrictions mentioned above apply to your card).
  2. Ask our Customer Support to try your card again or run through the outstanding payment. Then give us a couple of minutes! We'll check the card once again for your further use and send you a confirmation email.

You can also try adding another card to your account. Just go to the Member Area, click Payments and Update billing info.

Customer Support

My card is 'Expired'.

If your card is expired just go to the Member Area and select Payments, then re-enter your credit card data with the new expiration date. If the card number has changed please add it as a new card on your account, or contact us and we will help you.

Contact Us

I closed my account but would like to reactivate it. Do I have to register all over again?

If you want to reactivate a closed account, please contact us for help.

Contact Us

What is One2One and why are there no open sessions on the mobile produt?

All sessions opened from mobile device are One2One. One2One gives you an exclusive and private session with your favorite Chathost. So you will have her (or his) full attention for every second of your chat.

I left my phone and came back later and was still logged in. Am I still being charged even when the phone screen goes black?

When you set your phone aside without closing the browser window, your phone has gone into "sleep mode", which means the next time you launch your browser, it opens to the page you last visited. If you are in an active video session and you forget to log out or close the browser window, the video session will be terminated after one minute. If, however, you leave a live session to take a call and come back within one minute, you can continue your session.

What should I expect from a chathost within each category?

For a full description of what is expected in each category please visit:

Categories Explained

Can I update and read CamContacts Forums?

Our current mobile product does not provide links to discussion forums, but we will evaluate demand for future product updates.

Can I participate in CamContacts promotions and game competitions from my phone?

Right now, you cannot, but as we update the product in the future, we will evaluate including interactive promotions in the mobile product.

Why does my favorite Chathost appear off line on the phone but online on CamContacts?

Because all the sessions on the mobile are One2One, it may be that your favorite Chathost is in an open session on CamContacts or one of our other network sites. In user testing, we found that the majority of users preferred to have private sessions on their mobile devices.